Télévie 2016

La Musikaine donnera un concert en faveur du Télévie
Le Samedi 16 avril 2016
Eglise Saint-Omer

Journée Internationale des Enfants des Rues

Dans le cadre de la Journée Internationale des Enfants des Rues, la Musikaine donnera deux concertx dans le Parc Royal à Bruxelles le Samedi 14 avril 2012 à 18h et à 20h.


Ten thousand children fight for survival on the streets of Uganda. Everyday, they suffer abuse of every description. They have no rights. They have no defense.
They cannot tug you by the skirt and say “Please, look at me. I am here.” They are voiceless.


On 12 April, organisations, in 20 countries, will be honouring the International Day for Street Children. Together, we want to raise awareness of the rights of street children around the world. Dwelling Places, the Ugandan organisation that I have volunteered with for the past three years will be one of them. Please help me create a greater awareness of the conditions of street children around the world. You can do this by doing three simple things:


  1. Watch a short video of the work we do with street children in Uganda. I hope to attract 10,000 viewings of this video – one for each of the children on
    the streets of Uganda. Click this link to view the video  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKpfUnkr0js
  2. Forward this information to your friends and colleagues.
  3. Add the link to this video on your Face Book and/or social media pages.

Help us generate 10,000 viewings for the 10,000 voiceless.